Digital Transformation

Business Transformation driven by Innovation

The 'digital economy' not only constitutes a possible threat but also creates excellent expansion and growth opportunities for businesses capable of making the organizational changes to transform their business model, people management, customer relations and business processes.

Digital Business Transformation requires leadership to inspire culture change and innovation spirit people to embrace the challenges of change and technology to support current technological advancements and future trends like Cloud, Mobility, Social, IoT, Ai/ML, BigData, Blockchain and more.

B-OPEN BIT is a Digital Business Transformation Management Platform which offers state-of-the-art technology, software methodologies, enterprise applications, open collaborative environment for further expansion and accessible business metrics to meet real-world business needs. BIT effectively helps businesses to thrive and excel in the digital business transformation journey.

The importance to be innovative, agile and fast.

The future belongs to the fast

Agile Digital Business Transformation means the journey to a more digital, intelligent and flexible state. Traditional Enterprise Software has focused on improving business efficiency and productivity; however, businesses today are using modern integrated Platforms to drive Digital Transformation through technology innovation and process intelligence.

Comidor Intelligent Low-code BPM Platform provides model design, real-time insights, optimization and decision-making tools. Additionally, it helps business leaders, business process administrators and IT solution managers to improve their business outcomes through process re-engineering and transformation.

B-OPEN makes Digital Transformation faster, easier and smoother and challenges traditional enterprise platforms with:

  • Lower TCO
  • Optimal ROI
  • Less IT Involvement
  • Faster Outcomes

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