Logistics Automation and Service Processes

a. Client Business Challenge

Managing thousands of logistical processes per day and having more than 5 remote departments, made it impossible for our client to continue working without a BPM and strong process automation tool. Until then, employees were tracking processes’ progress and customers’ requirements via emails and calls.

b. Objectives

  • Replace email and phone communication with a BPM softwareDesign / assign the workflows with secure team or user access rights.
  • Monitor and trace the stage of each processes real time, from any device
  • Automate well-structured processes
  • Manage unstructured processes in a collaborative environment
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Integrate seamlessly with Exchange server for email and task notifications Identify process bottlenecks

c. Comidor Solution

A process management cloud solution was in need, a flexible platform, where automated, workflow or manually-driven processes would run, providing information and steps to be followed to different teams and people that had to collaborate upon their completion. Comidor centralizes the information that is included in one case, giving employees the chance to work smart any time, on any device, from anywhere.

All users in the organization were given access on the application, so everyone could communicate instantly with everyone else, either directly through Comidor Chat/Video Conferencing features, or with group messages and comments in discussion boards below each process.

Using the Comidor Workbench, client users’ can track all active processes updates through one single point. Quick process creation via customer email received, helped on email reduction upon the service completion. Automatic or manually-driven updates are sent to relevant people on any process change fast. Users can view and control the status of each process at any step, make adjustments depending on the needs and have a quick overview of key points added. Use of event-based process creation, repetitive process scheduling, and role-based access process templates automated process initiation.

d. Achievements

  • Emails circulated were reduced by 20% the first 3 months and by 60% till the end of the first year
  • Comidor became the central hub for information storage and sharing among employees
  • 45 processes were tracked during the first year and 15 of them were fully standardized and automated, 14 of them are automatically created daily and all of them are used by more than 400 employees
  • Reduced learning curve of new employees adaptation to processes by 40%
  • More than 5000 process instances are created monthl
  • Better reporting using dashboards and intelligent notification / escalation system
  • Ability to forecast process duration or task time consumption based on KPIs and historical trends

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